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Kidnapping Tiffanie

Kidnapping Tiffanie

By Sizzling sarah - Mar 2, 2009 - From lesbian-erotic- stories. Lesbian stories - Views - 120396 Kidnapped
Tiffanie had stripped off her jeans after dinner, the late summer sun making the house slightly uncomfortably hot, the doors were open allowing the cooling late night air to enter, sitting in her white top barely containing her bra-less D-cup breasts, pink panties and short pink ankle socks; Tiffanie had tidied up and did the dishes, before reading a book.
Tiffanie had forgotten about the laundry, she folded the last towel, satisfied that she would not have to do it in the morning before work, as the air cooled her nipples peaked against the tight white top. It started to rain outside, Tiffanie loved the sound of the rain as it splashed on the roof and pavement, the back door was open allowing the cooling fresh air to enter. She turned the TV down to listen to the rain hitting the windows, the table lamp and TV the only source if light, she was looking forward to bed climbing between the crisp cool sheets, Tiffanie always slept in the nude it gave her the freedom to play with herself, when she needed release.
She curled her long legs up on the sofa to watch the last few minutes of ‘Heroes’ on the TV. As the credits began, she stood and stretched her tight tank top pulled upward as she moved revealing her taut flat tummy. She picked up the pile of carefully folded towels, to put them away, she had been up early that day and was tired, the laundry was the last job tonight. She heard what sounded like a tapping on the front door, she looked out the window before crossing to the door she put the chain on and opened it, a small twig was blowing against the door, she admonished herself for being a little scared, she closed the door and double locked it. The walked to the kitchen to close the door she was five steps away when she saw a shape passing the window to appear a second later in the doorway.
The dim light from the sitting room illuminated a tall blonde haired woman, in a long black coat with a shiny patent leather belt holding it closed, Tiffanie paused for a second her eyes focused on the beautifully manicured red fingernails. By the time she realised she was in danger it was too late she tried to run.
The woman moved faster and rapidly crossed the few steps reached and grabbed Tiffanie by her top ripping the thin cotton fabric, her D-cup breasts popped free of the torn material. They wrestled for a minute as Tiffanie tried to escape, the torn remnants of her top lost in the struggled. Her attacker pinned her against the wall, the blonde-haired woman jammed her knee between Tiffanie’s legs, as her breasts mauled, she pulled Tiffanie’s nipple rings causing Tiffanie to yelp out in pain, because of the shock and pain the tall blonde attacker got the upper hand. She quickly moved behind Tiffanie, one free hand cupped one of Tiffanie’s exposed breasts, while she clamped a chloroformed cloth over her mouth and nose. Tiffanie fought against the blonde-haired woman but it was a losing battle as she succumbed to the effects of the chloroform. A blindfold obscured Tiffanie’s vision but she could just see past the bottom of the blindfold. She was on the floor, looking at the red stiletto shoes and the toned calf muscle of her kidnapper, her arms manacled behind her back. A few seconds later, the kidnapper used the chloroform and Tiffanie passed out into the darkness.
When she came, too again she was on a large bed her hands tied to the headboard, the blindfold still in place, she felt her hair was wet so she realised was no longer in her own house, but where was she? She called out, she did not get an answer but she felt someone was in the room she strained to her any movement, she could smell the aroma of perfume, she tried to remember which, she had smelt it before but with the chloroform she was struggling to arrange her thoughts.
Then she heard a floorboard creek, ‘whose there, talk to me‘, she pleaded her voice quivering…
She felt a hand on her ankle, which slowly moved up her long legs, ‘Please, don’t’, she pleaded.
She felt the cold of metal slowly tracing up her leg as a feminine hand slipped under the leg of her tight pink panties, the blade cut through the material, then the other side, her kidnapper peeled the flimsy material back revealing her shaven mons. Tiffanie shivered in fear, as her kidnapper pulled the cut panties out from under her. She then heard the door open and close, they were no longer alone, she tried to see under the blindfold, but they had repositioned the blindfold and she could not see anything but a bright light along the edge of the blindfold.
Tiffanie pleaded again, her voice even more timid, ‘Please who are you, let me go please, I will do anything just untied me, I will behave, I promise’.
The kidnappers, each lifted one of Tiffanies legs and spread them wide, exposing her beautiful pussy, the kidnapper sat either side of the bed, they slowly ran long fingernails along Tiffanie’s leg smooth legs along her calf to her knee where they both drew circles on her flesh. Tiffanie shivered and despite her fear of the unknown, she as getting sexually aroused, her pussy began to puff up and open, her vagina was growing wet, her nipples stiffening, she bit her lip. Then hands began moving upwards, lightly scratching the flesh of her inner thighs, Tiffanie squirmed her breathing quickened her large breasts rising and falling. Tiffanie could feel the heat from the hands as the two women moved their hands higher against her wet sex, then at last her torment was over as one kidnapper touched her finger against her wet sex. Tiffanie almost orgasmed her tummy flipped her pussy was pulsing, the bed moved and a mouth covered hers a long tongue slipped between Tiffanie’s lips into her mouth deep French kissing. Despite the circumstances, Tiffanie wanted more, she no longer cared she just need to cum soon. She arched her hips off the bed as a finger teased her stiff clit, then the hot breath on her open puffy labia, the momentary hesitation before the heat of two soft lips touched the wet labia seemed like an eternity, then the thrill at the moment Tiffanie sucked in a large breath and held it. The temporary lost of one of her senses seemed to magnify the remaining ones, suddenly the perfume flashed into her mind ‘Dream Angel Desire’. The next scent she smelt was the sexy musky scent of a woman aroused, as she climbed on the bed to straddle Tiffanies chest, she positioned her wet ex over Tiffanie’s mouth pulling her head up against her wetness. Tiffanie stuck her tongue out slipping it between the kidnapper’s plump labia, as the woman humped herself over Tiffanie’s face.
At the same moment Tiffanie other kidnapper jammed a hard phallus between her wet labia guarding her vagina, the sudden intrusion sent Tiffanie into her first orgasm. Her legs shook as her pussy contracted and relaxed rhythmically against the hard latex dildo. Her second kidnapper suckled on her clit keeping her orgasm at a peak, the pussy covering her mouth stifling Tiffanie’s long satisfied scream. Tiffanie’s whole body was buzzing her nipples became hypersensitive even the gentle draft flowing through the room became almost to bear.
Both women climbed off the bed, but continued to stroke and fondle Tiffanie until her orgasm faded then they left her alone, the sound of the door opening and closing. Tiffanie was only aware of her own breathing, slowing as her body returned to a more normal rhythm.
She began to struggle against her bonds, she heard a soft sound, ‘Whose there’, she pleaded, ‘Please let me go’.
She strained to hear, then the steps unmistakable stiletto’s on the hard wooden floor, a hand touched Tiffanie’s nipple pinching it cruelly. Tiffanie yelped in pain, and then a slap on her breast stinging, Tiffanie writhed against her bonds. Her tormentor lightly scratched long fingernails down Tiffanie’s chest then over her nipples down her tummy to the slight swelling of her pubic mound, only to stop. Tiffanie was frustrated, she wanted the finger to move to her clit and wet pussy, her sex was on fire she was a slut, she wanted no needed to cum again, and soon. Her tormentor leaned in and licked Tiffanie’s nipple, Tiffanie was so turned on that every touch was erotic. The door opened as her tormentor ran her long fingernails up along Tiffanie’s inner thigh making tiny figure of eights as she crept ever higher towards her wet pussy, which was leaking her juices, which trickled down disappearing between her tight ass cheeks.
The other tormentor moved to the bed and began untying Tiffanie’s bonds, once free Tiffanie tried to remove her blindfold, but her hands were held, she got the message as if it was verbal and left her eye covered. They placed Tiffanie on her hands and knees on the bed and one of her tormentors slid under her as the other knelt behind her. The one under her took Tiffanie’s nipple into her mouth and licked it as she trapped the tender tissue with her teeth, there was something familiar about the woman’s touch and the way she suckled on Tiffanie, then there was the scent this woman was wearing a very familiar perfume ‘Cacharel Amor Amor‘, a perfume her ex girlfriend wore. Then it all fell in place, she remembered a sexy chat she had with her ex girlfriend, a cop, about wanting to be taken and used by a stranger.
Tiffanie called out her name, the kidnapper bent and whispered in Tiffanie’s ear, ‘Hey baby I want you back’, she bit her ear and licked Tiffanie’s neck, ‘Please baby, I miss you so much’.
Tiffanie, meowed and spoke quietly, ‘Yes, just don’t stop now; I really need to cum soon’.
Her ex, straddled her chest, leant down to Tiffanie’s wet open pussy, and licked the puffy labia sucking the flesh into her mouth. With her hands free Tiffanie, used her hands and pulled her ex’s labia wide and licked the burbling juices from her vagina, Tiffanie jammed her tongue into her repeatedly, before turning her attention to her pink clit. Both girls worked the others pussy, until they both came and came hard within a minute of each other, they rolled over both on their side and continued licking each other, as the orgasms shuddered through their bodies, savouring each tremor.
When they both calmed Tiffanie removed the blindfold and across the room sat the tall blonde kidnapper, she was dildoing her pussy as she watched them on the bed, her ex looked at the blonde then back to Tiffanie. Tiffanie nodded and her ex invited the blonde-haired woman onto the bed both girls made love to the tall blonde girl making her cum at least twice throughout the rest of the night and all three girls had a wonderful orgasm in the shower together before breakfast.
for Tiffanie with love
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