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By CyrusCoriogan - Oct 9, 2008 11728 junior high, when everyone’s hormones were going crazy and she just couldn’t figure out what the big deal was about getting into fights over girls (or guys) and spreading rumors about sexual escapades with whoever (or whatever). She kinda felt sorry for all of em – every once in a while, she’d see one of her more adventurous friends descend into the waking coma of ‘I still feel like a little kid’ and ‘no one really respects me’ – and she just tried to reassure them (and herself) that it was natural, it was hormones, it would pass, and look at me, I’ve got it under control.
Kim sure did have it under control. And it was true what everyone, behind her back, said about her: she was stuck-up. She didn’t admit it to herself, and she sure as fuck knew she didn’t want to be another pigtailed sneer in half-calf boots, but she felt just as superior as them. She just knew better than to flaunt it directly – no, the most powerful, soul-crushing, psychopath-producing brand of superiority is passive- aggressive. Just ask her one-year-younger sister, Katie.
Katie had fun. She had been caught watching her cousin masturbate in the basement of the church during their mom’s second wedding, when she was 14 – and he was 12. At least, ‘watching’ is what the woman who caught them called it, and Katie did briefly consider correcting her: ‘actually, you cunt, I was teaching him. He’s fucking twelve.’
Kimberley has done her best to raise the poor abused boy right over the past 4 years and cope with the unspeakable damage that Katie did to him. It started with ‘stay away from Katie, ’ and, now that he’s 16 and he’s gotten into soccer, it’s ‘stay away from girls like Katie.’ You’re a true hero, sis.
But Kim’s had her own sexual experiences! She played spin the bottle, for like, 7 spins, and it landed on her, but, y’know, it was getting late and stuff. Oh, and that time she played truth or dare. She didn’t get dared, but someone actually asked her what her cup size was, and she told them! Everyone heard it! Her heart was racing.
And now she’s got this mild-mannered yet teeth-grittingly gorgeous boyfriend, named Jerry of all things, and now they’re engaged, and Kim won’t shut the fuck up about how he’s more than a man for her to even handle, much less even think about another man, and Katie still feels like she might as well be teaching all her half-drunk hookups how to masturbate. The best orgasms she’s ever had have still been on top of a vibrator – thinking about that one time she caught Jerry staring at her over Kim’s shoulder while he hugged her.
See, it’s not so hard to imagine that Jerry would go for Katie if he’s so gaga over Kim – they’re almost the same from the neck down. Katie thinks Kim’s C-cups are a little perkier, and Kim thinks Katie’s ass and legs are a little fuller, but they’re pretty much just making up reasons to resent each other. They could share every article of clothing they wore (though they only actually did as a goof, since their two fashion senses were like Yin and Yang), and there were a few pictures in the photo album where you couldn’t see their face or hairstyle very well and literally no one could tell who it was. They called them photos of Katerley.
Katie had a small butterfly tattoo just above and to the left of her little patch, and a barbell through the nipple of her left breast, but of course such things never got brought up while perusing the family photo album.
So yeah, both of them have gotten into college, and Kim’s going to Princeton, so they’ll probably never see each other again, like, hardly ever. And, Kim being the mature one after all, she decided she wanted to bond with her sister a little, or at least make her feel a little more accepted by her. It might help her gain some real self-respect before she’s tossed out there to make something of herself. And, of course, it might get her to listen to her when she kept telling her to grow up and stop having so much fun.
Katie came down the stairs wearing what she’d slept in, a short lavender babydoll and a pink pair of those ridiculous designer panties that are just one strip of lace in a V shape. Kimberley, of course, had been awake for an hour now, and was looking professional in slacks, a white button-down with wide, flat collar wings across her collarbones, and a gray blazer.
“You couldn’t be more desperate to look old, could you, ” Katie muttered groggily as she made a bowl of cereal. “You should be holding up the Business section and wearing your morning reading glasses.” She sat down next to her and threw her feet up on another chair, proudly stretching out her long, tan, and allegedly better-toned legs.
“Well how are you planning to dress today, then, Katie?” Kim would never catch on that her habit of repeating Katie’s name every other sentence was perhaps the single most infuriating thing she did.
Katie put her bowl down and decided to retaliate with her tried-and-true sexual competitiveness – it if didn’t make Kim flat-out jealous, at least it proudly defied her conservative sensibilities. “Well, I just got this wicked pair of black boots, and of course what else is there to wear with boots but fishnets?” She drew her nails luxuriously up her legs, leaving goosebumps. “My stockings will eventually disappear underneath a criminally tight miniskirt, and as for what to frame these luscious babies with, ” – she cradled her breasts together under the lace – “I was thinking, maybe, just that itsy-bitsy little leather vest I love. Over a blood-red camisole. For modesty.” She picked up her bowl. “Oh, and a choker.”
Kim chuckled, but with a sarcastic manner and a shake of the head. “Anyone can dress like that and get the reactions you do, y’know. It’s not like it makes you special or powerful, Katie.”
“Sure it does, ” she shot back without looking up from her bowl, “cuz I got balls. Just cuz anyone can kill someone doesn’t mean a murderer isn’t special, ” she looked at her pointedly, “or powerful.” She looked back down. “Seriously, what makes you so fuckin sure that you could be me if you tried? That you’d actually be able to sit through a whole class, barely dressed, surrounded by smoldering gazes?”
“Well, Katie, you’re just desensitized. You’ve-“
“Fuck you, ‘desensitized’, ” Katie laughed venomously. “You don’t know the first fucking thing about sensation. I’m the one here who’s explored sensation. And lemme tell you, I don’t regret a single thing I’ve ever done, or felt. Not one goddamn thing, even things that hurt. So no, I’m not desensitized or traumatized or scared of true love or whatever the fuck.” She seemed as closed up as a blast door at that point, and Kim felt that sinking ball inside that visits you when you’ve totally taken a conversation in the exact opposite direction you meant to.
Not the end of the world, though… just use it. You’ve joked around amicably plenty of times – hell, insulting each other is the only way you guys communicate for real anyway. Just keep coming at her.
“Y’know, you might have no problem defending your lifestyle sittin’ here around the breakfast table talking about how you feel, but I’d like to actually see you at one of your crazy parties one night and see just how much fun you actually have. I really would. I’ll bet all the guys are losers and then when you spot one that’s hot you can’t even say ‘hey, you’re hot!’ cuz the music is stupid loud, and then you get drunk and pass out alone in a guestroom.”
Katie just grinned and shook her head, scraping up the last spoonful of cereal. “If that’s really what you think, I feel genuinely sorry for you… and it prolly is, cuz if you had any idea, you’d flat-out leave Mr. Clean-Cut that you got wrapped so tight around your lil’ finger there.”
Kim started to feel where she wanted to go. “Oh I don’t think Jerry would be against a decent party. Notice I said DECENT. You wouldn’t know where to find one of those.”
Katie snorted. “Y’know, he’s got the goods, don’t get me wrong, but for the life of me I can’t imagine him doing anything in bed but lying there moaning at you. Same goes for you, for that matter – do you guys just hold hands and moan at each other all night?”
Kate’s corrosiveness aside, Kim had to admit, both her and Jerry were trying and failing to spice things up. They’d been together for years and they’d made enough love to turn the sky pink, but they wanted to FUCK! And every time one of em would try to talk dirty or get rough, they’d both just burst into laughter – it was just so absurdly awkward. And yet, when the chuckles died down, there was this horrible emptiness, and frustration.
What the hell… Maybe Katie could help.
“Ok, Katie, so what would you do with Jerry, then?” The mood had obviously taken a 90-degree turn. “Maybe you’re right, maybe Jerry’s as inexperienced as I am and he needs a girl to really, y’know, take him out there and back. What do you think I can actually do?”
Katie’s whole body was tensed, like a cat that had just landed from a fall. She stared at her empty bowl, racing to decide how much to reveal. She decided to buy time. “Alright sis, if you really wanna go there, why don’t you tell me what you HAVEN’T done.”
Kim was uncom comfortable already, but determined to hide it. “What do you mean? I do everything he asks me to…”
“Okay, so you blow him. Do you swallow?”
Kim was afraid a question like that was coming up, but she was already steeled. “No.”
“Lemme guess: ‘he hasn’t asked me to’, ” she declared snappily. Kim felt like a mouse in a maze, and Katie was the doctor. “What else don’t you do?”
“Well…” Kim finally decided to open up. How could she not and still expect Katie to? “I have been kinda thinkin about that… I don’t, like, kiss his neck, maybe, and, y’know when you’re on top? Well, I was thinking maybe he’d like it if I, y’know, like, touched myself, like, play with my breasts.”
“What’s your favorite position? ”
“I fuckin’ knew it, ” she said with a rock of her chair and the Smirk of the Year. “Alright, ‘Dissatisfied in Denver’, have you done him reverse-cowgirl?”
“Spooning? ”
“Yes, of course.”
“Yeah… once. It was pretty- “
“Doggystyle.” There was a finality to that one.
“No. But he’s never…” Kim trailed off, feeling stupid. Katie couldn’t have looked more full of herself.
“Well holy shit, we’ve made a breakthrough, ” she mocked. Kim just continued feeling stupid.
“Look, you do just need to get out, ” Katie continued. “You can’t fuck the same person in the same place, probably around the same time of day, for years, and expect the sex to improve. You need to start by at least changing the place you start the night at.”
“Alright, alright, I said I was serious and I am. We’ll tag along with you one night.”
“You’re wearing my clothes then.”
“Uh… Fine, but I get to choose which.”
“Fine, ” Katie snorted, “not like you’ll find anything unsexy.” She picked up her bowl. “And don’t even think about hiding behind him all night. You’re gonna talk to people and shit. Bonus points if they’re guys. Jealous sex is the second best kind.” Katie got up and put her bowl in the sink. Kim waited, then bit.
“So…” Another pause. “The best is…”
“Rape.” She grinned at Kim as she walked out, leaving her seriously disturbed.
That would explain a lot. If she’d been raped, and no one had any idea. But when? Before she was 14, before she molested her cousin? That was almost impossible. Maybe she just kinda meant bondage.
Maybe she didn’t. Maybe she was in need of a lot more help than Kim thought. So party night finally came. Kim and Jerry followed Katie’s directions – to the community college campus nearby. They pulled up to a house on the campus’ edge, and it became clear that this was a fraternity-sorority mixer. A crazy one. The bass could be heard down the street. Some lights were off – maybe broken. The door was open. The smell of smoke was overpowering.
Kim got out wearing black leather pants, yellow ankle-strapped heels that showed off a pedicure, a black halter top that did not show cleavage but did display her iron abs and sleek back proudly, a pair of sheer black gloves that reached her elbows, and, at Katie’s furious insistence, a simple but tight black choker. She didn’t feel too bad, mainly cuz of the full coverage of her breasts, but it might have backfired, she thought to herself – the top gave her so much lift and pressed them together so tight that she had a serious shelf effect going on. And it was even tight enough to hug the underside of her tits and curve up in the middle. But it was all covered!
Jerry was dressed simply, in a blue polo and dark grey slacks. She could tell Jerry had a raging erection the whole drive. He really was excited about this, she could tell. For a second, she rehashed all the things he might like that he’s just never had the balls to mention, and she actually started getting really frustrated with him – she had to remind herself that she didn’t know anything yet, really.
But I sure plan to find out, she thought with a small grin.
“Kim!” she heard from inside the house, and then Katie came running out to give her the first big hug she had ever given her. Like, ever. Kim’s smile could have powered a city block. She laughed and hugged her back, and they finally disengaged when they started getting hoots and howls from guys – and girls - hoping for some girl-on-girl.
“So you fuckin’ came. No turnin’ back now. You look OKAY, I guess.” She glanced down at her shelf. “You wore the choker, so I guess I can’t bitch too much.” Kim glanced down at Katie’s neck and realized she was wearing the exact same choker.
“Yeah, well you were right about not owning anything not sexy, Katie.” She smiled to stay friendly. “You total nympho.”
She pouted. “I’m not bad, I just act that way!” With that, she smiled at Jerry, and her whole demeanor became that of a preening little girl. She even leaned on one leg. “Hi, Jerry.”
“Oh hey Katie. Been awhile, ” he said with a big dumb smile. She ‘mm-hmm’ed. Kim rolled her eyes.
“Well we’re gonna get something to drink or something, ” Kim said. “Let’s go Jer.”
“Actually Jer, you can see the bar from here, I wanted Kim to meet someone real quick, you wouldn’t be interested.” She grabbed Kim’s wrist, and Jerry just sorta shrugged.
“Sure, that’s cool, I’ll find you afterward, Kim.”
“Uhm, alright, sure, ” Kim said. Katie led her to the back of the house, then suddenly wheeled back around on her.
“Kimberleeeeeeey, you said you weren’t gonna hide behind him, and the first thing you say is ‘WE’RE gonna go get a drink’, ” she mocked. Kim chuckled.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right… Well… Now what?”
“Trust me, ” she said, a glimmer in her eye.
The next hour or so was just a total miasma. Guys, girls, others, neithers, no one even tried to give names. Sometimes Katie would just abandon Kim talking to someone, then appear outta nowhere and yank her away to someplace else. It was kinda fun, though – every guy, without exception, was clearly in some way taken by Kim. She started to feel powerful. And those words from that day, about feeling powerful, came back to her clothed in irony.
From the glimpses she caught of Jerry here and there, he was clearly having the same effect on the girls of the party. They were all batting their eyelashes and swirling their drinks with one finger and then sucking on that finger and all that shit. One was even up against his side as they talked, smiling a smile that Kim found truly hateful.
But it was okay, because Kim was going home with him, and she wasn’t. And, quite frankly, it gave her license to flaunt her power over other guys, without worrying about what Jer world think. So what the fuck.
Then, she saw Katie come up to her looking like the goddess of mischief herself. She put her lips up to Kim’s ear.
“I just got done talking with Jerry. He said he wanted you to meet him in the closet in the bedroom upstairs, the third room on the right up the stairs. In the CLOSET, ” she repeated. Her grin could have cut diamond. “Are you gonna go?”
Kim was incredibly intrigued. She might have been a little worried, but she knew that Jer wouldn’t be going for anything too crazy, like a threesome or whatever. She trusted him. And she had to admit, just the mysteriousness of it all was so exciting, she was literally lightheaded.
“Well yeah, of course I’m gonna go! I can’t just-“
“Well then hurry the fuck up, bitch! Think of what you can do if you’re there when he gets there. Now’s your chance to rock his fucking world!” She literally shoved her toward the stairs, and Kim laughed, nervously, then went on her way.
The music just seemed to disappear into thin air, or rather thick air, like none of the sound waves could reach her through the thick fog of hormones and general disorientation. She knew she was supposed to be doing all this just to connect with Katie better, but god, she had never really been to a serious party before, much less had sex in someone else’s closet, and just the thought, now that it was about to happen, was literally more exciting than her first time was. Time slowed down as she walked. She thought she’d be forever walking halfway at a time toward the third door on the right and never actually reach it, ever. But there it was, and there she was, and she saw the bedroom.
She turned the lights on, just out of reflex… then turned them off. The room only had the slightest bit of light seeping into it, and all she could see was a basic bedroom.
And the closet. That magnetic closet. With a washboard-style door, with the slits you always imagine voyeurs watching you undress though. It was open, and pitch-black inside, and empty. So, without hesitating like a moron alone in the doorway, she walked, skipped actually, into the closet.
She didn’t quite realize the state she was in until she was alone with her breathing. It was booming – gasping erratically, loud enough to overcome the music downstairs. She suddenly thought that Jer would come in and see her waiting there in the closet, through the darkness somehow, and it would ruin everything, so she folded the wide closet door closed, and was ecstatic to find that she could indeed see out. She’d be so ready for him when he came up. If she didn’t pass out first.
She focused on her breathing and was pleased to hear it ebb. She was starting to feel downright embarrassed at how worked up she was. The leather against her crotch was literally almost hot enough to hurt her, just from her own body heat. She was shaking, goosebumped all over, her cheeks flushed, and her nipples were doing their damndest to show through the vinyl of her halter top, she could feel it. She had never felt so goddamn sexy in her dreams, much less her life.
Then, as her breathing finally quieted, she noticed another sound. Another breath. Someone else breathing. Behind her. And just as she started to turn her head, she was brutally pinned against the closet door.
He had been there all along, drinking in the shape of her body against the dim light through the slits. And he was at least as excited as she was. She could feel his cock against her ass, grinding into it, twitching against it, and her knees almost gave out. His whole body pressed against hers, he grabbed her hips and began kissing the side of her neck voraciously.
“Oh my god!... Oh fuck yes, Jer, oh, god I want you…” she moaned, and she tried for a second to turn around to face him, but that was clearly impossible. All she could do was reach around behind him and arch her back, inviting her ass against his hungry hips. She felt the ridges of the door against her poor breasts, and she felt his hands rise up her sides, across the sides of her tits, then he grunted deeply and both his hands flew to her crotch.
The suddenness of it made her jump. He practically lifted her off the ground with his hands on her inner thighs and his forefingers over her slit. Even through the leather, she could feel his strokes, and as wet as she was, it didn’t feel too rough. She found herself on her tiptoes, even in those heels, her hands having flown to the door to balance herself as she was lifted up and bent slightly over.
She almost came just thinking about it. He had reduced her to nothing but an object of his desire, now physically as well as mentally. She was helpless, just like she wanted to be. But then, all of a sudden, she found that old bashfulness welling up, and she giggled, and for a second she worried she’d ruined the mood like so many times before, but he simply continued his oral assault on her neck and shoulder, and his grinding into her.
The bashfulness left her the instant he unzipped her pants and yanked them down to just under her ass. Her breath caught in her throat with the suddenness of it all, but she had no time to think as he pulled her ass back into his hips, unbalancing her again, forcing her to keep her hands on the door still. As he slipped his hands back over to her bare pussy, she realized his cock was already freed from his pants, and the feel of skin on skin for the first time made her moan long, deep and loud. She heard him chuckle deeply to himself as he swirled his fingers over her hood.
“You like that, baby? Hmm?” he whispered right up against her ear, and she nodded vigorously. “You like what I’m packin’ for you, baby? You feel it against your red-hot ass?” She started to giggle again, but he seemed even less phased. He just chuckled back, grabbed his cock from between her legs, and brought it up underneath her pussy, pressing it up against its entire length, and started to rock back and forth.
Kim thought she was going to die. Her heart couldn’t take much more. The sound of their breathing echoed in the closet, and she couldn’t stop shaking. His cock definitely felt larger than usual – maybe it was the position, but he was probably just that much more excited. The seconds ground on and their moaning picked up, and she realized she could seriously cum just like this.
Then, suddenly, he pulled away a little and stopped, and she felt his head finally pressing into her slit. She trembled with a sudden moan, and closed her eyes and bit her lip, waiting for it, waiting for him to give it to her.
“You ready for me baby?” he bent over to whisper again in her ear. The rasp in his voice betrayed his eagerness. She whimpered and nodded and pleaded with him, gyrating into him and struggling against his grip on her hips. And just when she thought she was about to scream, he suddenly, brutally, bottomed out inside her.
Oh yes, he was much harder than usual. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she grunted as he hit her cervix. He could barely fit inside her, and it hurt just a little. He moaned loudly, and she grinned, loving what she was doing to him. She walked her torso down the door, pushing him back into the spacious closet, and that took care of the pain. They started to fall into a rhythm, the music pounding underneath them, and she realized she was going to reach orgasm, her first one at least, very soon.
Then the door opened. Not the closet door, which was the fear that first gripped Kim for some reason, but the bedroom door. “Oh fuck, ” she heard him whisper. They both slowed down suddenly, but didn’t stop com completely – just enough to keep the door from creaking. She trembled again as he slowly fucked her, in and out, smooth and strong, while they watched a woman walk in and toward the bed, closing the door behind her and shutting out the light. Kim could barely keep her eyes open, so strong were the waves of ecstasy swelling in her, prostrated against the closet door, and this, with the very low light, made identifying the woman impossible. Besides, Kim knew no girls in this party.
Kim wondered, through her agonizing fucking, what Katie had to do with this, if anything. Maybe she wanted them to watch someone else in the room while they fucked. Kim hoped not. God, she wanted to turn around and pound herself into Jerry, loudly, until he was two-dimensional. Whoever this dumb bitch was, she was definitely fucking up their chi. But maybe Jerry would find it exciting. That’d be enough. But no matter what, Kim did not want to be caught… Taking risks was fun after all, but she wasn’t crazy.
Mystery Girl crawled onto the bed, then turned onto her back and started to slide her pants off. All the while, Jerry kept up his slow, torturous rhythm, certainly watching the sight before them. The girl chucked all her clothes away, and without hesitation, began masturbating. Instantly, she started moaning up a storm, bucking her hips into her hand. Kim heard Jerry moan with the girl, and Kim was surprised at just how little jealousy she felt – none at all, to be precise. She felt one thing: the cock in her pussy, and the throbbing against that cock in her clit, and the clenching of her pussy muscles milking that cock. If this girl was gonna make Jer come harder inside her, she owed her a thank-you.
The door opened again, just as Kim once again started to relax, and a man walked in. Kim struggled to adjust her eyes to the light, while being railed by the slow-motion juggernaut behind her, and she was aided by the fact that he walked in without closing the door fully. She could see him clearly. His polo shirt and gray slacks. He looked mild-mannered yet teeth-clenchingly gorgeous. He looked like the man so expertly fucking her right now.
She wanted to scream. She almost screamed. Every muscle she had went crazy. Rape. She was being raped. A man she didn’t know had his fucking hands on her hips, across her belly, and his cock was in her belly, and her pussy was gripping it, and her ass was against this man’s hips, and he was being pleasured by her body, and he was stronger than her. He was so much stronger than her.
Her shock must have caused her pussy to clench powerfully around him, because she felt him tremble and his cock twitch. But he stayed quiet. He couldn’t risk them being noticed, the closet door being thrown open. Could he? What if it was? Jerry would see the motherfucker violating his fiancé with that fucking cock of his and he’d take him and tear his head off. Clean off. There’d be blood everywhere. His blood. She’d dance in it. They’d dance together.
But how would he know? Why was she being raped? It’s not like the closet was locked. And every second that ticked by, with this merciless cock thrusting into her, and a few had already ticked by, was another second that she had not cried out to him for help. She was silent. In this closet. Being fucked. Being railed by this man she’d never met before he slammed his body against hers in this closet in someone else’s house and she started fucking the shit out of him. In silence. No protest. No struggle.
So she wasn’t being raped. She was cheating on him. She had grabbed some random frat boy at this party and dragged him upstairs into some closet and threw herself at him, and now she was rocking his world. She was a slut. A two-faced, heartbreaking slut. She deserved to die. He’d kill her. He’d rip her head clean off. But then, certainly, he’d rip the man’s head off too. And he would stop SLOWLY PUMPING HIS COCK INSIDER HER TENDER CUNT and she’d be able to THINK.
She wanted to scream. She wanted to fight him, this evil behind her, destroying her, destroying everything she ever cared about. But she couldn’t afford to struggle, to be heard. And she was so off-balance, on her tiptoes balanced against the closet door, her ass arching up into the air beautifully and invitingly, all for this man’s taking, for him to do exactly what he wants to do with it.
She had to think. There had to be something she could do. But she could think only one thing: Jerry doesn’t know. He could turn around and walk out right now, and she’d simply bolt from the closet, no struggle, no noise, and leave. With Jerry. Never happened. Take a shower. Wash it all off her. All of it. Never happened. Maybe Satan here in the closet with her didn’t even know – maybe it was a genuine misunderstanding, and literally no one would ever know. Ever. Never happened.
All Jerry, her precious, precious love, had to do, to save her from her unspeakable, mind-rending torment, was turn around, and walk away. He could save her, and their love, save her from this terrifying man who was inside her, loving her. He would save her – he loved her. But he wouldn’t. He’d walk up to the closet door, open it, and see her. Catch her. Cheating on him. Getting the shit fucked out of her by some frat boy. In silence. She had to scream, before he got there. He might flip out, and it might destroy their relationship no matter what, but at the very, VERY least, Katie would testify that she had told her to hurry upstairs, that she had no idea that some other guy was already waiting for a girl up there, the girl in the bed right now, who would also testify that she was this man’s girlfriend, and it was all a misunderstanding. It wasn’t her fault. She loved Jer. She just needed to scream, now, before he got to the door. NOW.
But he didn’t move. He didn’t even look at the closet, at his fiancé bent over by some guy slamming into her. He looked instead at the bed.
The girl had one hand assaulting her pussy, her legs spread proudly before Kim’s true love, and her other hand was holding a pillow over her face, muffling her moans. The girl was a lunatic – her breasts heaved madly as she bucked her whole body, and her knees trembled in the air with what she was doing to herself.
Jerry watched. He fucking watched. Then he grinned, and began to rub himself. It couldn’t be him. It couldn’t be her Jer – he wouldn’t just forget about her like that. He’d at least close the fucking door all the way so Kim wouldn’t happen to walk by and fucking see him fucking jacking himself off through his pants to some slut showing off in front of him. Or make sure she wasn’t fucking watching him from the closet six feet away.
If he knew the girl wasn’t Kim.
In and out. Slow and strong. Stroking her insides. Against her ass. Uncaring. Unknowing. Horrible. Her vision blurred, and she blinked herself back to unthinkable, unendurable reality.
“Holy shit, Kim, ” he said, approaching the bed. He thought it was her. But he said her name. The slut would realize what was going on. She’d care.
But she didn’t care. Any more than Kim’s wonderful, horrible cock cared what it was doing to her. The girl just grunted into the pillow, her head turned to the side, and stroked her fucking cunt. And Jerry watched, and crawled up the bed toward her, slowly, hungrily, and grabbed her hand, pushed it away, and began licking her cunt.
She’d fucking kill her. Whoever she was, she’d die. She’d find her, and kill her, and she’d make sure she knew why she should die, and then kill her, and everything would be fine. She and Jerry would be on equal footing, having both fucked up, and they’d heal each others’ wounds.
She should just fucking scream already, now, and put an end to this, an end to this nightmarish machine behind her, STILL pleasuring her, enjoying himself, loving her. They were equal now. She had nothing to lose.
Then the girl, in the throes of utter ecstasy, flailed her head to the side, toward Kim, and she could see it peeking out from underneath the pillow.
Her little sister’s cunt was being assaulted by her fiancé’s tongue, fucked by it, right in front of her, while she was gently fucked by a man she’d never met. Nothing made sense. Everything was wrong. This wasn’t her life. This wasn’t her in this body, being fucked from behind. And it definitely wasn’t her family having ravenous foreplay in front of her. Her sister’s eyes, staring into hers. Staring. Focused on her.
Katie smiled. Katie moaned. Katie winked. She ran her fingers lovingly through Jerry’s hair, between her legs. She quivered as his hands ran up to her breasts, squeezing them, toying with them, teasing them, loving them. And she smiled at her sister, Kim, being raped in front of her.
She knew. She could see her. She put her there. She put herself there, and she called Jerry to her, and she was being pleasured by him. She knew. She had it all worked out.
She was having so much fun.
Katie moaned, louder and louder, and so did Jerry. She couldn’t see his bottom half off the edge of the bed, but one of his hands was down, and it must be stroking his wonderful cock. The noise level of the room, with the pounding music from downstairs, removed the unholy silence that Kimberley had just somehow lived through – and she realized that that was a very, very bad thing. It let her rapist fuck her harder. “Holy shit, this is fuckin’ hot, ” he whispered, not even thinking at all about the girl wrapped around his cock. Just thinking about pleasuring himself.
Kim let her weight rest on her face against the door so she could use her hands. She had to do something. She could fight now that there was noise. She grabbed her rapist’s hips and pushed him away – but it was pointless. He had his hands in front of her hips, and she had no leverage at all. She started to whisper, “no, stop, ” – but he didn’t listen. Why didn’t he listen? One of his arms slid down to wrap itself all the way around her midsection, pinning her against him and keeping her lifted up and on her delicate tiptoes on her yellow heels, and his other hand disappeared – and then something cold and narrow was pressed against Kim’s neck.
“Ooh, it’s gonna be like that tonight, is it, lil’ Katie?” her personal antichrist whispered above her as she froze in shock and growing fear. “You know how we roll here. And I know you like it. You’re one twisted bitch, aintcha, ” he said, slowly resuming his thrusts. “You love to tease us and then fuck with us. I think you like it. I think you like bein’ raped. Isn’t that what this fantasy you wanted us to play out with you is all about? Well those people ain’t gonna save you. They gonna fuck each other and you’re gonna watch while I pump my cum all up in you, and you can’t do shit about it, can you, sweetie?” She felt the knife twirl slowly against the soft skin of her neck, and a tear crawl slowly down toward it.
That was it. She was being raped by force. She was helpless. She would be used and abused by this man, and there was no hope.
And that cock would not stop. Pleasuring her. Forcing her to react, to clench, to pleasure it back, making unrelenting, never-ending love to her. That cock would never leave her pussy, and it would always feel good.
And the depraved fucking mastermind, the giddy little teenager having her way with whatever man she pleased, started to cum. “Oh fuck yes Jerry, FUCK yes, ” she howled, the muscles of her abs rippling, her tits quivering in his strong grip, both hands down stroking her man’s head. Her new man. All hers.
Her thighs closed around his head like a vice, and she gasped, unbreathing, in unfathomable ecstasy. She had him trapped, pleasuring her, relentlessly. And finally, when she started to come down, and Kim was praying her baby would look up and see that face, that face that was not his love’s, Katie rolled away and over onto her stomach, and slowly, tremblingly, got up on her hands and knees.
“You wanna fuck me now, baby?” she gasped, affecting her sister’s deeper, huskier voice with painful accuracy. She reached down to stroke her cunt as she presented her luscious ass to her sister’s fiancé.
“Oh my god, Kim… I… don’t know what to say, I…”
“Shut the fuck up and fuck me!” she almost screamed, like a vicious little brat. Jerry was stunned for a moment, then stood up, with his rock-hard, glistening cock indeed in his hand, crawled onto the bed, and obediently thrust his cock into his fiancé’s sister.
Katie moaned… then giggled. Loudly. Giddily. Proudly.
Kim grit her teeth so hard she may very well have damaged some of their roots. The tears were flowing down her face now, crawling down her chin, onto the knife that held her life on its blade, onto the hand of the man destroying her, thrust by thrust by thrust.
“Man, that bitch is as fuckin’ crazy as you, ” Satan whispered. “And she looks a lot like you… same choker and everything.” He paused. “Oh fuck!! That’s your fuckin’ sister and her fiancé!” Another pause. “You are the kinkiest fucking cunt I have ever heard of. I ain’t never gonna let you go.”
No, you’re not, are you. You’re gonna fuck me until I can never feel anything ever again, and kill myself. And you don’t even know that. And you can’t, because you obviously wouldn’t care with that fucking knife to my throat. You wouldn’t even believe me – you’d think I was just role-playing. Because Katie told you, ‘now I have something special planned for tonight, so no matter what happens, and no matter what I say, I want you to fuck me. Don’t you dare fucking stop.”
And you were more than happy to obey.
Jerry was obviously and undeniably having the best sex of his natural life. He was destroying Katie. She was flailing around, howling and tossing her hair back and forth and slamming back against him, and his adrenaline was clearly pumping simply struggling to hold her steady in front of him. And he was doing more than that – he was slapping against her ass as hard as he could, and she just wanted more.
She was teaching her big sis how to really take her man out there and back. She was changing their sex life forever. Only that life no longer had any part in it for Kimberley.
Jerry was moaning, uncontrollably, rearing back in ecstasy, then leaning forward to cradle his love’s tits. Kim could see Katie smiling so wide, so lovingly. But Jerry couldn’t. From the looks of him, he couldn’t even focus his eyes. He was a wild animal.
“You like my piercing, babe?” Katie mewed. “Ungh… And my tattoo? Ungh… I got em for you, y’know… Ungh… do you like em?”
“Oh… oh god yes…” He cradled her right breast, pinching the pierced nipple a little, making her mewl more. “You have no idea…”
Satan suddenly wrapped one arm around Kim’s neck and lifted her up against him. His grip was tight; she almost choked. But she stifled it. She couldn’t alert them. Not now. Too much time had passed. She had watched. She had been fucked. She had been there first. She was cheating on him. She had set it up so she could fuck some frat boy in a closet while her sister and fiancé unknowingly fuck each other while she watched.
She was Katie.
Satan withdrew from her, which was the last thing she expected, and then, suddenly, her horrible view of her family and marriage and future burning slowly in front of her was obscured by something. Another man.
Another man.
“Fuck, Katie… I’m really proud ‘a myself for waitin’ here all that time, just like you said” he said, his voice placing him as black. “But now, you’re gonna feel my pain.” He was fiddling with something – a container or something – and then he reached down, and a real funny thing happened: Kim felt cold. His hand was cold, and it pressed against her asshole, rubbing it… smoothly. It was the weirdest feeling – definitely wetness, but, like, a lot of it.
She could still hear the moans of passionate, reckless lovemaking from the room, and she shut her eyes, as if she could shut her ears too. But it was hopeless. She was where she was, and she couldn’t even kill herself. She doubted she even had the emotional strength to say anything now anyway, and even her throat had gone totally, painfully dry a long time ago. She looked straight up, just to keep from looking at her two tormentors or her future in flames, and she saw soft, comforting blackness.
Then she felt a rock-hard cock, slowly, gently press against her ass, increasing its pressure, evenly, steadily, pushing through, spreading her, splitting her, and she couldn’t take it anymore. She screamed – but nothing happened. As in, nothing. Not even the black man in front of her reacted. She hadn’t realized it, but there was a shitload of noise coming from downstairs now, and the moans from the room were nonstop.
But she screamed anyway. She cried out, and thrashed, and squirmed, and clenched, and finally found herself totally restrained, her hands pinned in the small of her back, flat against the firm, bare, flexing abdomen of her original demon, and her face, to the side, pressed firmly against the firm, bare, flexing chest of the gigantic black titan in front of her. Her feet were in utter agony at this point, straining to prop her up as high as possible, to escape the hellish intrusion of cock in her ass, even though it was already all the way up inside her, and she could feel more lube being applied, promising her more fucking, more destruction of her soul… because it felt so good.
Her tears seeped against the black man’s chest – and he dropped the bottle of lube and wrapped his arms around her. He actually fucking hugged her. He bent down to put his lips against her hear, and whispered sweetly to her.
“Ooh yeah babydoll, feel all that manmeat up inside you?” The cock slid out. “Hmm?” The cock slid in – easily. “You feel it owning your ass?” The clock slid out. “Feel all this man around you, up against you, wantin’ more ‘a you?” The cock sank all the way into her. “Hmm?”
She sniffled and shook her head against his barrel chest, the porn movie that her love and her sister were filming providing a backdrop. “I’m Kimberley, ” she said finally, finally resigning herself to her fate, to everyone finding out. “I’m Katie’s sister. Stop now.”
But the black man just chuckled, and stroked her cheek, and she trembled like a leaf from what she was feeling in her ass, and for some reason she now became conscious of his cock. Against her abdomen. Pulsing.
“You sure are, bitch. You’re Katie’s stuck-up little sister, and now you get to get DP’d by two ex-cons you’ve never met before, while you watch yourself make love to your fiancé in the other room.” The cock in her ass had fallen into a rhythm, now- the exact same rhythm of her fiancé fucking her sister. Making her feel just like her sister’s feeling.
“No, ” she moaned, “I’m serious, you have to-“
“I’ll tell you what I have to do, babydoll, ” he said, an edge to his voice, stroking her cheek with one hand… and pressing the head of his cock into her slit with the other. “I have to get myself a piece of that bad ass of yours.” And with that, he slowly started to work himself into Kim’s pussy.
She was in hell. A nightmare only Katie could ever even possibly dream of. She was in her little sister’s worst nightmare.
Satan number one suddenly let go of her hands in order to grab and steady her hips while they both slowly worked into her at the same time, and her hands shot instinctively to the only support she had: the soft, warm chest that she was laying against. Her mouth opened in protest, but nothing, not even air, came out. Her brow furled as pain turned into an endless pulse of pleasure.
“Ooooooooh fuuuuuuck Katie… Mmmmm BABY… No shit you had something special for us tonight, huh, ” he said, sinking all the way into her. “Oh, shit, I’m sorry honey… blockin’ your view.” The two men turned together slightly, so Kim could look out the slits in the door again, and see the source of all of her agony, giving her fiance’s cock all she has. Looking at her, and smiling.
And blowing a kiss. She blew a kiss at me.
Kim was a ragdoll between them, slowly jolting up and down on their cocks, plenty of lube being the only thing that kept her intact.
And also being what made it feel good.
She buried her face in the black man’s chest, trying to hide from the pleasure, but it was pointless. Her ears betrayed her even worse: Katie had started grunting and moaning with each individual thrust, and Kim’s demons had taken to meeting these thrusts.
And Kim had started to moan. She couldn’t help it. Her clit was grinding against a man’s hard abs, and another man was making her feel a kind of pleasure she’d never imagined, and her big tits were pressed up against a man’s chest, and he was cradling her in his arms, and she was far too weak to fight it, especially mentally.
She let him comfort her. She let him rape her. She fucked them both. Six feet away from the love of her life as he got fucked by her sister. She moaned, and moaned, and gyrated against them desperately, and moaned. She dropped her hands down to feel their firm asses as they thrust erratically into her from both sides. She reveled in it. So much ass. So much man. So much cock. So much more than Jerry.
There was no telling what happened first. It was probably Katie that came – lord knows she was making the most noise. She just kept slamming herself against Jerry, placing her hands on the headboard to finish him off, and he would never be able to endure that assault – he bent over her, wrapping his arms around her, and succumbed to her, pumping himself into her, struggling to hold her still while he rode out his orgasm. She screamed at him not to stop, but he just couldn’t handle it. She almost threw him down to ride him before she remembered that she couldn’t show her face. When she finally let him, he simply fell beside her, hyperventilating, and never opened his eyes. Katie cradled his head – her face safely out of view in his hair – and then, when he was asleep, she got dressed, stretched, and went to get a drink.
One of the men came first. It was probably the one in her ass, because the black man kept demolishing her well through her orgasm. It was his words in her ear that finally drove her insane: she latched onto them as comfort, she fell in love with him, she needed him and he held her and she fucked the shit out of him.
And he gave her the absolute best orgasm she would ever have in her life. She couldn’t take anymore. She fell asleep on her lover’s chest, and it was all over.

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