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Hot Cowboys In Vegas

Hot Cowboys in Vegas

By Lendy New_ _ om - Dec 9, 2008 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 20146 My girlfriend & I just flew into Vegas to watch the National Finals Rodeo and pick-up on cowboys for a great weekend fucking. Barb & I checked into our hotel room. Settled in for a while. Barb is 120 lbs. 5ft. 3 she has auburn hair just above her shoulders, thin waist that makes her tight blue jeans into a perfect camel toe. I wish mine did that sometimes. Barb has a nice set of titties and nipples to match. Her tits have to be a 34 to 36 with a C cup. I have never asked her but they are a bit larger than mine. I have 36-B. I do have small areola and very large nipples. I don’t fill a bra like Barb does. I’m blonde (A true Blonde) if you know what I mean. I am 5ft.7” 124 pounds. I am totally straight. Barb is bi. She has never tried to seduce me though I kind of hoped she would some day. She is very pretty and well put together.
We both showered the next morning before we went to the opening day grand parade day to checkout the cowboys, the male perspectives. The floats pasted by one by one. Neither one of us spotted a better that average cowboy. Most of them were already drunk or still drunk from the night before. We watched the rest of the parade. We headed to the hotel bar where the rodeo contestants go to party.
The country band was playing loud & bar so crammed full of cowboys, cowgirls. Looking around we saw gents and ladies in long evening gowns. Barb & I just walked around looking at all the pretty cowboys in the tight blue jeans with a bulge in front. I saw this cowboy, he wasn’t much to look at, but he had a huge pile of meat behind his button flies. I told Barb that was I one that was going to make me squirt. My little bald snatch was already getting moist just thinking about his cock deep with-in my womb. We had to find Barb her fuck for the night. I said, what about this guy? No, she said. He is married. The visible tan line around his finger was a dead give-a-way.
We continued our shopping. The cowboy that was hauling my cock around with him had a buddy that just came from the can. He was better looking but his package was smaller. We pushed up to the bar between these cowboys and ordered our drinks. I purposely let my tits brush his arm as I passed by. “Oh sorry miss” He said. ”Let me get you some room and I’ll buy your drinks” “Oh sure” I said. “What’s your name?” I asked. He replied, Randy and this is Chris” Well I’m Lendy and this is Barb, “Hell-O Barb”. Chris said, “Well slap your ass against the wall cuz here I come balls and all. I have heard come on’s before but nothing like this guy. That line was so creative.
Well Randy this place is packed ain’t it” “Say would you like to get a table near the dance floor, you do dance don’t you” Randy asked. “Sure I do, ” I said. “Let’s dance ok Lindy” The band was playing was a fast song so I elected not too. I wanted a slow (Buckle Polisher) (Sweat on the front side of your body) type song to dance too. Just then the band started playing “A lady Down On Love” We made our way to the dance floor near the edge. We danced & Randy held me tight. I held my chest against his and moved my boobs in short hard movements. I could feel his pile of meat start to grow against my little cunt. He kissed me as we danced. I parted my lips a little. Randy forced his tongue down my throat and I sucked his tongue like we were having sex. He started to hump me while we were dancing. I was so close to cummming in my thong panties I couldn’t believe it.
I reached down and felt his woody straining against his button flies. He opened all but the top one. I managed to get my hand in and removed his cock from the confines for his jeans. “Wow” I said. “He is excited Huh” The head of his cock was as long as my thumb. I couldn’t get my hand around it com completely. We danced as I jerked him off and sucked his tongue. I felt a dab of pre-cum form at the tip of his dick and I stopped fondling him. The song was over. Randy said, “Lendy you are looking for some lovin’ tonight Huh” Let’s go find a table somewhere. He found us a table close to where Barb was sitting with her date. She was giving him a fast hand job. She was jacking him off so fast I thought she would pull his foreskin plum off this guy’s dick.
Randy said “Here Lendy sit here”. He grabbed his fly and un- buttoned the rest and pulled me down on his lap. He unzipped my jeans and pulled them down a little. Randy pushed the thong strap to the side and penetrated my love connection right there with the largest manhood I have ever had. He was fucking me in the bar. I have never done this before. It was so exciting his cock felt like it was coming up in my throat. It was about 7 inches in circumference and 8 to 9 inches long. I placed my hands on the outer edge of the seat and rose ah bit to help him & make it let obvious to what was happening to the other people. I could smell the sex pheromone on myself. These people didn’t suspect a thing that we were having wanted sex right there. I looked over at Barb just as her date shot his wad all over the under side of their table. I winked at her and she smiled back. &n bsp; &nb sp;
His cock felt so warm inside my pussy. His thrusts were getting me close to an orgasm. I didn’t want to let go there because I’m a loud screamer. “Randy let’s go up to our room and finish this” “Barb” I hollered, “we’re going up to our room. Put his cock back in his pants and lets go”
Once we got in the elevator and the doors closed Randy had his fingers deep in my hole. Chris had Barb’s tits out and nursing them like he was a baby going after her breast milk. The elevator reached our floor and the doors opened finding this black cowboy had this white chick bent over a vending machine giving her all he had. They never moved a bit. The black dude just smiled at Randy and Chris with thumbs up gesture like they knew each other.
Once we got in our room the clothes came off and the four of us headed the bedroom for some welcomed sex. Our room had two double sized beds. The guy’s pushed them together. I had no idea that Barb’s pussy was com completely bald. Not even ah stubble. She looked like a little girl with her legs spread wide. Chris didn’t even hesitate to jump her bones. He slid his dick in her as she moaned in pleasure from the assault of her cunt was undertaking.
Randy told me to get on my knees. I did as he aimed his monster at my little trimmed pussy. I watched him as he put his 5-pound cock into a 2-pound sack. His cock was 8 inches. I never dreamed I would take his dick in all the orifices I had. Randy said he would take it easy until I told him different. I started to back-up on his member as he was thrusting forward. It didn’t take long before I was screaming for more. I could feel his cock hitting my womb & was about to explode! I was hollering, “Oh God, Oh God” that does not mean I was going to church. Randy reached under me to get to my clitoris. He pinched it a few time as I lost it. I Screamed “I'm Cumming! I shouted out loud. FUCK ME! WITH THAT WONDERFUL COCK I'M CUMMING!" I started the longest, hardest orgasm ever.
Randy’s cock was doing a fantastic job. My orgasm triggered him to cum. He lunged in as far as he could & un-loaded his dick. I felt every spray from his balls hit the insides of my womanhood. We stayed there like that for a long time, like a pair of dogs mating. We were locked together. Randy’s staying power was overwhelming. He was still extremely hard and wanting more. “Randy I gotta rest a while” Randy looked over at Chris to see what he was doing. He was on his back W/ his knees bent while Barb was standing sucking his cock down her gullet. With no warning Randy stuck his cock in her vagina. She yelped from the surprise, but soon was fucking him back with all she was worth.
I could tell by the look on Chris’s face that he was about to shot another wad down her throat. Chris was spent! Randy gripping her hips in his hands as they moved in unison. She felt another orgasm begin to overtake her saturated pussy and her moans became cries of ecstasy. Randy continued to fuck Barb fast and hard. He started to fill her cunt full of cum as she screamed she had to go pee. He kept his cock going as she started to squirt her female cum back at him. We collapsed together in a large body of sweat. We just stayed there to savor the emotions & feelings of what had just happened. Gathering our breath was taking time.
These guys wanted some beer. Chris called room service and ordered a 12 pack. While we waited we talked about our little session. We walked around the room naked & Randy said we were the hottest two women in Vegas and wanted to know how long we would be there in town. Barb said, “Sorry guys we have to be back home on Monday”
Room service delivered the beer. Barb & I headed to shower and clean up ah little. Barb said her pussy was a little sore. “Yeah I know mine is too, ” I said. “Lendy do you think these guys are up for another round of fucking”? She asked, I have never cummed so often.
“I don’t know, I think Randy is. I have never had a dick stay hard for so long. He came twice for me and once for you & that woody stayed hard the whole while.
”We finished our shower and came out dripping wet and still naked. I walked up to Randy and kissed his dick. With-in seconds that cock stood up to its full length and glory. I grabbed his dick by the throat and led him back to the bed.
He turned me around to the 69 positions. I took his marvelous love tool in my hands and kissed the tip again. I opened my esophagus and swallowed him as much as I could. Up and down on his hard cock again and time again. He was licking my slit starting at my ass crack to my clitoris. He stopped to suck my clit in his month and kibbled me using his teeth. That sent me into frenzy. My womb was about to explode again! “Oh Danm-it Randy, “Suck my clit” I screamed. “Suck it Hard!”
Randy had me going over the edge once again. “ Suck me off Randy you bastard! Make me Cum” I said “Here Randy Screw My Cunt. Jamb it in Hard and Just hold it there, please! Hold it there cuz I’m going to squirt my cum HOLD IT OH Shit I’ve not done that in a long time. He emptied his balls as I was squirting. Damn what a feeling. We just lay there a few moments to re-gain our breath. “I have to get your nuts off just one time”
I got up, turned around and backed up to his marvelous cock. “Here you go you Bastard, here fuck my ass. (What was I thinking) I had troubles getting that meat in my cunt. I just told him to stick that horse cock in my butt! Duh”.
I looked at Barb & she was on her back with her ass in the air and Chris had his cock in her butt already. I watched him fuck her ass and I gotten an idea. I moved to the 69 with her and sucked her titties as she was doing mine. Randy nuzzled in behind me to take my butt with his dick. There we were like snakes in search of a mate. Randy pushed a little of his head in and “Plop” he was in my bung. Short strokes he kept his dick intruding my space. I felt another orgasm building. It took a minute to get in rhythm, but we did. We fucked each other until there was nothing left in their nuts to cum.
We had sex with each other the next couple days. Male/Female, Female/Female Chris & I as well as Randy and Barb. We had sex in all known positions and even tried to invent some.
My pussy has never been so sore and abused.

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