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Is It Incest

Is it Incest?

By Lucky man. - Oct 23, 2006 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 14759 Like the man I read about the other day, I experienced a come-on from my mother in law. I won't beat about the bush, I wanted to shag her but my wife and I were very close and I had never cheated on her so I turned mother in law down very considerately. My wife had been away when this happened and when she returned I toold her of the incident. Now I am eleven years older than my wife and ten years younger than my mother in law, I'm forty so you can work it out. They are both very attractive women made in much the same mould, blonde, slim, green eyed and with a great figure. Now my wife is extremely demanding sexually, not that I am complaining! So I suppose it followed that it was like this in her mother too, she had been a widow for eight years and when she came on to me she told me that she hadn't had sex since her husband died. She was obviously extremely frustrated and I did feel sorry for her so, as I said, I let her down very gently when I refused her.
When she returned I told Gill, my wife, about what her Mum had done, her first question was, did I found her Mum attractive. I had to admit that I did. Gill said, "So what's the problem?" Somewhat surprised I replied, "You are, you must know that I'd never have another woman!" Gill laughed, "Darling, " she said, "I wouldn't mind in the least! Mum's been so lonely and it is keeping it in the family after all!" I could hardly believe my ears, "Are you saying that you wouldn't mind if I made love with your mother?" "Of course I wouldn't, Darling, as long as I didn't go without of course!" Well to say I was surprised was the least of it. Within minutes of this conversation we were making love, which was quite normal for us, neither of us could wait if we had been apart. The result of this was that we had made love everywhere in the house and even in the garden, indeed, if we met up somewhere else we contrived to make love wherever we met. So you can see that I wasn't exaggerating about our sexual desire for each other. I suppose it's easy from there to understand that we were adventurous in our love making and used every conceivable position and method of satifaction.
Even when it was Gill's time of the month she used manual and oral sex to pleasure me and was in no way reluctant at any time to swallow my love juice as I did hers whenever I gave her oral. This being the case we were com completely at ease with each other whatever the circumstances and always told each other about other people trying to get either of us into bed. This was why it was so easy for me to tell Gill about her mother's advances even though she knew that I found her mother sexually arousing.
Nothing happened for a while after this then Gill's Mum came to stay one weekend. This was a fairly common occurence but now, of course, there was an extra spice to her presence. On the Saturday evening the three of us went out for a meal, we had a few drinks as well as wine with the meal and were pretty merry by the time the taxi dropped us home. We arrived back at about eleven and as we had another drink in the living room Gill told her mother that we had a surprise for her, "...and I think you'd like to have a shower first, " Gill said, "don't bother to get dressed a nightie and dressing gown will do!" Susan, Gill's mother, looked surprised and a bit puzzled but said nothing and after finishing her drink went to have a shower. As soon as she was in her bathroom, all our three bedrooms are en-suite, Gill and I sped upstairs and I stripped and showered too. Putting on a dressing gown and with Gill in her nightie we soon heard a knock on the door and called for Susan to come in. "Just popped in to say goodnight, " she said. We gave her the usual kiss on the cheek, said "Goodnight, " and she went to her room, still looking puzzled. As soon as we heard her door close I kissed Gill and followed Susan. I tapped on the door, "Come in, " she called. I opened the door and entered, closing the door behind me, "I'm your surprise!" I told her, dropping my dressing gown and exposing my naked body. "Oh!" she exclaimed, her cheeks reddening as she stared at my cock. "Gill and I decided that it would be very cruel for you to go on without sex, so Gill has sent me to you to do as you wish with."
"Oh! Oh my goodness!" She had her hands to her cheeks, " I haven't seen one of those for years! Oh, it's so beautiful, what a lucky girl Gill is!" I advanced to the bed, took her in my arms and kissed her, after a moment she responded passionately. I got on the bed with her and we continued to kiss, I caressed her left breast through the thin silk nightie, it felt very erotic. Susan had a slightly fuller figure than Gill, her breasts a little larger and fuller with darker aureolae and nipples which became erect very quickly. She began to pant as I caressed both breasts and, pulling the thin material aside applied my mouth to the soft, silky skin and then kissed sucked and nipped at her nipples. She moaned. I made her lift her bottom while I pulled the nightie off over her head, her breasts were a nice shape. I laid her back and cast my eyes over her, more solid looking than Gill she had a bit of a tum with a considerable mound below, must run in the family, I thought, She had a sparse patch of golden hair on her mons and a pair of closed, but very obvious, lips. I began to kiss her all over, she trembled and moaned, she moaned even more when my mouth reached her mound and she parted her legs. The lips of her cunt were visibly swelling and opening and I kissed them before running my tongue up one lip and down the other. A couple or more times and her cunt spread open revealing substantial inner lips, much bigger and thicker than Gill's, I forced them apart with my tongue and licked inside. She tasted just as nice as her daughter and I soon progressed to tongue-fucking her before teasing her clit by licking it gently. She was gasping and moaning as she became more and more aroused and became very wet.
I knelt up over her and she opened her eyes and stared at my cock. It seemed an age before she grasped it and, sitting up, brought it to her mouth. She kissed and licked the head, already seeping, before putting her mouth over the end. She sucked and licked it, working her hand up and down the shaft as she did so, there was no doubt that she was experienced, but why should I have thought otherwise? It wasn't long before my breath began to shorten and she pulled off my cock and lay back with a big sigh, "Fuck me now!" she demanded. I moved over between her legs and felt my cock in the mouth of her sex, she put her hand down to take it and direct it into her love passage. She was, I suppose not unnaturally, not as tight as her daughter, but still tight enough to grip my cock as after easing it right up as far as it would go, I withdrew. I began to fuck. She put her arms round me, her nails digging into my back as my thrusts thrilled her, "Oh, darling Matt, thank you for fucking me! Don't make it too quick!" She was lubricating profusely and her love-juice was coating our thighs and bellies as she thrust her hips up to meet me each time. I adjusted slightly to ensure that my cock was rubbing her clit which wasn't quite as big as Gill's. I could feel thrills running through her and her moans and gasps increased. I suppose I fucked her for somewhere between five and ten minutes before I knew that I was about to come. Susan obviously knew it too as she tightened her grip on my cock and dug her nails into my back more fiercely. The moment came and I rammed my cock into her as hard as I knew how and ejaculated as I withdrew, she cried out as she felt the hot spunk and I filled her with at least seven successive spurts. Wrapping her legs round me she gasped, "Don't take it out, don't take it out!"
She thobbed heavily on my cock as she came in the aftermath of my ejaculation, tightening her cunt on me as hard as she could. It felt marvellous, so like her daughter and so appreciative of a good fucking. She relaxed after a few moments, "If you don't take it out can you go again?" she asked. "I expect so, " I replied, "with a little help!"
We stayed like that for probably five minutes then I felt her cunt squeezing my cock, she began to do it rhythmically. I said, "Susan, tease your clit too!" I raised myself a bit to allow her hand between us and felt her hand burrow down until she could reach her cunt. She used two fingers and I felt her stroking her clit in the same rhythm as her cunt squeezed me. She came again while she was doing it and I became hard. I started fucking her again. "Oh yes!" she panted, "Like that, just like that!" I fucked her easily, not hard, but the spunk and her love-juice squirted out over us. Her fingers were still on her clit and she matched her rhythm to mine, she came time after time, not huge orgasms but obviously very pleasurable ones judging by her reaction. I suppose I fucked her for at least half an hour, if you don't believe that's possible, get your girlfriend to teach you how. She loved it and when the time came this time for me to come, she asked me to pull out so that she could watch me ejaculate. I spurted liberally all over her, face and all, and she loved that too. When we had recovered she kissed me with spunky lips and we got up and showered. her body seemed younger looking and she positively glowed as we got back on the bed. I asked her if she wanted me to stay with her and maybe fuck her again if I woke and felt like it, she was so pleased that she kissed me and kissed me again, "Of course I do!" she replied.
Well, I stayed with her that night, fucking her twice more, once from behind which she was very enthusiastic about. In the morning we showered together, we kissed many times and as I donned my dressing gown to go back to Gill, she thanked me profusely, "Oh! I'm so lucky!" she said. I went back to Gill and we made love as I described what her mother and I had done. It was the first of many times, I am sure that Gill and her mother have drawn closer and closer together as a result but in any case Gill and I are so pleased to have satisfied her mother's desires over the years.

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