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Labia Minora: to Cut or Not to Cut!

Labia Minora: to Cut or Not to Cut!

I have always been an admirer of large labia minora, or to put it bluntly, pussy lips. Only recently (probably because I am not a women, and don't spend time in medical or health forums looking up articles on vaginas) I discovered to my horror that many women have complexes about them, and even seek surgery to rid themselves of what they consider to be unsightly and unnecessary skin that gets in the way. I wanted to weep. If only these women knew the truth about how many men and women feel. Entering a search for this term, I am flabbergasted to find such postings, typical of so many on chat sites and in medical/health forums: "Hello. I'm 19 year old female and I can say that in a past few years I'm feeling really miserable and depressed. You see, about five years ago I have noticed that my labia minora are too big. When I saw how normal vagina should look like, I was sure that I'm some kind of freak. I'm very embarrassed about this and even thinking about the fact that someone could actually see this- is terrifying for me. I haven't talked about this with my parents because I doubt they could understand this. Please help me! Any response would be greatly appreciated! " One can hear the sheer agony of this poor girl. Who told her her vagina was not normal? Where does she get the idea that her labia minora "are too big"? Thank goodness, scrolling down the forum page a little, this 19 year old could view this reply: "Hiya! im 16 and have had the same problem since i noticed my inner labia looked realy big when i was 13. it made me feel very upset aswell and i convinced my mum to let me have surgery to fix it now that im 16. im telling you... ITS NOT WORTH IT! its expensive painful and you feel like crap after it and to be honest i dont think they look that much smaller because the doctor didnt thnk its a gud idea to cut a lot off. and recently i gt a new boyfriend and was very worried about how he'd react to my labia being quite big and he didnt seem to care at all! seriously! so please dnt get yourself upset about it and surgery isnt realy worth it either " While I am happy for the girl that the doctor "didn't thnk it's a gud idea to cut a lot off, " quite frankly I think the doctor should have been taken to task for cutting anything off. Surely s/he should have known the girl might feel differently later on? The point is there is a growing number of men and women who simply lavish in the celebration and delight of looking at and playing with large pussy lips, or labia minora. And why not? It's fun. I might have expected women, in fact, with little or no extension, to complain; surely enlongated lips are an asset, not a problem? Bravo to Freud's penis envy theory! And I can imagine women, without them, seeking surgery to have them extended. Now that's a good idea! But to cut them off? Of course there are exceptional cases where the extension of the labia interferes with normal daily activities, such as riding a bike, causing irritation with certain clothing; even then, I'd say seek advice before arbitrarily cutting. I feel strongly, as do many, that this kind of surgery should be seen as simple mutilation. Few people realise that one of the most horrific facts about Africa is genital mutilation on a massive scale. There are 8 million young girls each year that go through the most horrific form of mutilation, in the name of circumcision. In most cases with a razor blade: older women simply slice any excess skin off their vagina. Few if any of these young girls have access to the internet where they can share their horror, sadness or confusion with others. They are simply expected to hand over their bodies to a cruel, ancient and barbaric practise in the name of 'culture' or tradition. Thank goodness this, commonly known as FGM (female genital mutilation), is outlawed in nearly all civilized countries. I feel that we have two clearly demarcated entities that comprise our being: our minds and our bodies. What we do with both determines our destiny. So many women have so many hang-ups about their bodies, and it is such a shame. Is it not enough that so many battle with weight loss, or a poor body image, but then to still have to imagine that their vagina looks different or ugly? I must assume (not having had the chance to view every one!) that every single vagina, like every breast is different. Surely one should celebrate this difference? If a woman has small breasts, they are not in any way inferior to large ones, except in the mind of a partner who desperately wants large boobs. I, as with many others, actually prefer very small breasts. Large, bulbous nipples on an almost flat breast does it for me, if you really want to know! If your partner is not happy with your size, breasts, feet or labia, get rid of them (the partner, not the labia, feet or breast). You have something unique to offer, not only in your personality but very much also in your body. Fall in love with it; see the Vagina Monologues, get a vibrator and a mirror and take a long hard look; use your fingers and if you have a partner, especially one that loves the way you look, use him or her to discover your limits. You will discover, of course, that the problem rests in your mind. And that is easier and cheaper to change than breast tissue, or God forbid, vaginal tissue. A sex therapist/councillor is also a good idea; they will support you and help you to become entirely com comfortable with the way you look. I can also direct you to a eroticartiste sensual erotic nudes site that celebrates this particular physical beauty. Trust me, if you thought yours were large, see some of the pictures of women on this site; there is even one who uses hers as a fashion accessory, and beautifully too. You will need to be com comfortable viewing explicit material, although it is almost exclusively a celebration of nude photography and artistic eroticism. Go to the freegalleries, or the section dedicated to labia minora and I am sure you will find a way of joining so many others in the celebration of erotic beauty that I believe should be thoroughly enjoyed and flaunted with pride. On the eroticartiste labia. sensual erotic nudes site you will find a link to a labia site that is dedicated to nothing else but the celbration of the labia minora itself, and which will surely give you a confidence boost, with some great ideas how to flaunt and enjoy your wonderful asset, and, believe it or not, tools and suggestions as to how to enlarge your own labia minora! It's a feast! If you listen carefully enough you will hear crowds of men and women cheering when large labia minora or pussy lips are spoken of or written about. There are people who go wild over them. Find them if you are sexually mature enough to do so and if not, then find your own centre of sexual energy and have a good time discovering just how sensual you are. Let the celebration begin!
Peter Clarkez is a writer & webdesigner. Visit his eroticartiste sensual erotic nudes site for links to top erotic sites on the net today: sites that are acclaimed as having broken ground in erotic photography.

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