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The Pillows Discography

The Pillows Discography

Discography Studio albums Moon Gold (1991) White Incarnation (1992) Kool Spice (1994) Living Field (1995) Please Mr. Lostman (1997) Little Busters (1998) Runners High (1999) Happy Bivouac (1999) Smile (2001) Thank You, My Twilight (2002) Penalty Life (, 2003) Good Dreams (2004) My Foot (2006) Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! (2007) Pied Piper (2008) OoParts (Out of Place Artifacts) (2009) Extended plays Pantomime (, 1990) 90's My Life (1990) The Pillows Presents Special CD (1993) Turn Back (2004) Compilations Fool on the Planet (greatest hits, 2001) Another Morning, Another Pillows (B-sides, 2002) Lostman Go to Yesterday (single compilation, 2007) Rock Stock & Too Smoking the pillows (greatest hits, 2009) Once upon a time in the pillows (greatest hits, 2009) Compilations (with or by other artists) Respectable Roosters (1999) Life Is Delicious (2001) Beat Offenders (2002) Synchronized Rockers (, tribute album, 2004) 802 Heavy Rotations J-Hits Com complete '94-'96 (2004) Wasurerarenai Koi no Uta (2005) The Collectors - 20th Anniversary Special Album (2006) Electric Rays (2008) Singles "Ame ni Utaeba" (1991) "Kanojo wa Shisuta" (1992) "Daydream Wonder" (1994) "Girlfriend" (1995) "Tiny Boat" (1996) "Strange Chameleon" (1996) "Swanky Street" (1996) "Trip Dancer" (1996) "Kanojo wa Kyou" (1997) "One Life" (1997) "Hybrid Rainbow" (1997) "Another Morning" (1998) "Instant Music" (1998) "No Self Control" (1998) "Carnival" (1999) "Rush" (1999) "Ride on Shooting Star" (2000) "I Think I Can" (2000) "White Summer and Green Bicycle, Red Hair with Black Guitar" (2002) "Terminal Heaven's Rock" (2003) "Sono Mirai wa Ima" (2004) "Non Fiction" (2005) "The Third Eye" (2005) "Gazelle City" (2006) "Scarecrow" (2007) "Ladybird Girl" (2007) "Tokyo Bambi" (2008) "New Animal" (2008) "Ameagari ni mita Maboroshi" (2009) "Rodeo star mate" (2010) Soundtracks Addict (with Shinkichi Mitsumune) (2000) King of Pirates (with Shinkichi Mitsumune) (2001) Colors of Life (various artists, 2004) Moonlight Jellyfish (various artists, 2004) FLCL No. 3 (2005) Other The Pillows Presents Special CD (1993) The Pillows Special Digest Sampler (1996) Videography Hello, Welcome to Bubbletown's Happy Zoo (Instant Show) (1998) We Have a Theme Song (1999) Busters on the Planet (2001) Dead Stock Paradise (2003) Hello, Welcome to Bubbletown's Happy Zoo (Instant Show) (DVD re-release, 2003) We Have a Theme Song (DVD re-release, 2003) Walkin' on the Spiral (2004) 916 (2005) Delicious Bump Tour in USA (2005) Delicious Bump Show!! (various artists, 2006) Lostman Go to America (2007) Wake up! Stand up! and Go! (2008) Pied Piper Go to Yesterday (2009) Blue Song With Blue Poppies (2009) Lostman Go to Budokan (2010) v__d__e the pillows Sawao Yamanaka_ Yoshiaki Manabe_ Shinichirou Sato_ Jun Suzuki Kenji Ueda_ Tatsuya Kashima Studio albums Moon Gold_ White Incarnation_ Kool Spice_ Living Field_ Please Mr. Lostman_ Little Busters_ Runners High_ Happy Bivouac_ Smile_ Thank You, My Twilight_ Penalty Life_ Good Dreams_ My Foot_ Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!_ Pied Piper_ OoParts (Out of Place Artifacts) EPs Pantomime_ 90's My Life_ Turn Back Compilations Fool on the Planet_ Another Morning, Another Pillows_ Synchronized Rockers_ Lostman Go to Yesterday_ Rock Stock & Too Smoking the pillows_ Once Upon a Time in the pillows Singles "Ame ni Utaeba"_ "Kanojo wa Shisuta"_ "Daydream Wonder"_ "Girlfriend"_ "Tiny Boat"_ "Strange Chameleon"_ "Swanky Street"_ "Trip Dancer"_ "Kanojo wa Kyou"_ "One Life"_ "Hybrid Rainbow"_ "Another Morning"_ "No Self Control"_ "Instant Music"_ "Carnival"_ "Rush"_ "Ride on Shooting Star"_ "I Think I Can"_ "White Summer and Green Bicycle, Red Hair with Black Guitar."_ "Terminal Heaven's Rock"_ "Sono Mirai wa Ima"_ "Non Fiction"_ "The Third Eye"_ "Gazelle City"_ "Scarecrow"_ "Ladybird Girl"_ "Tokyo Bambi"_ "New Animal"_ "Ameagari ni mita Maboroshi" Home video Hello, Welcome to Bubbletown's Happy Zoo_ We Have a Theme Song_ Busters on the Planet_ Dead Stock Paradise_ Walkin' on the Spiral_ 916_ Delicious Bump Tour in the USA_ Delicious Bump Show!!_ Lostman Go to America_ Wake up! Stand up! And Go! _ Pied Piper Go To Yesterday _ Blue Song With Blue Poppies_ Lostman Go to Budokan Related articles Discography Categories: The Pillows albums | The Pillows songs | Japanese discographies | Rock music group discographiesHidden categories: Articles to be merged from February 2010 | All articles to be merged | Articles containing Japanese language text
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