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Has Lindsay Lohan Had Plastic Surgery?

Has Lindsay Lohan Had Plastic Surgery?

I know every teenage girl, and probably guy too, has been wondering, "Did Lindsay Lohan have breast augmentation surgery?" Wouldn't you like to know too? Well guess what? I have the answer. Lindsay "Dee" Lohan started her acting career by co-staring with herself in "The Parent Trap." That's right, young Lindsay had a tough co-star _" herself. The movie follows two young twins, both played by Lohan, who were separated at birth. When they reunite at summer camp years later, the twins plan to reunite their estranged parents. After that first delicious taste of stardom, Lindsay went on to act in such classics as "Mean Girls", "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen", and "Herbie Fully Loaded, " a remake of the Herbie the love bug. And like most child stars and teenage actors, she lost her innocence and turned down a path of destruction. From posing nude to drunk driving to crazy parties, it seemed like a week couldn't go by without hearing about her crazy shenanigans. The young girl that audiences once knew from the "Parent Trap" was gone. Being a young actress in Hollywood can be tough. She has topete with talented, beautiful actresses every day. Also, by default you are a role model. Whether you like it or not, the paparazzi watches your every move when in the lime light so you think she would lay low, right? Nope! In her transition from being sweet young girl to blossoming into a sex icon, Lohan's body transformation had people wondering, "Did she get a breast augmentation?" And the answer is__(drum roll please) "No." Shocking, I know, but she did not have a boob job. And how do I know. Well Lohan recently posed nude for The New Yorker and judging from the photos, the girls are real. She has also confirmed that she has not had surgery in numerous interviews. The magazine features Lohan in a Marilyn Monroe-esque spread. Some people may consider the photos trashy, but I think she chose a tasteful outlet. Lindsay's sister was even present at the shoot. In an interview, Lindsay said that she has honored to do it. She is a big Marilyn fan. Lohan started modeling at the age of 3. On top of a thriving film career, Lohan released her debut albumn, "Speak, " which hit shelves in December 2004. Unfortunately, her music career never took off. But her acting career is still thriving. Her next movie, Fashonistas, ising out this year, which should be entertaining. According to IMDB, in her spare time, Lohan enjoys swimming, basketball, shopping, singing, reading, writing, gymnastics, collecting Beanie Babies, roller-blading__ Beanie babies? Really? I think that might be a little dated. It seems like all the stars are getting yourplasticsurgeryguide Plastic Surgery nowadays. I'm not saying it is bad to get a yourplasticsurgeryguide breast-augmentationBreast Augmentation, but it does affect your image and how people perceive you. - Randy

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