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A Brief History Of Online Dating

A Brief History Of Online Dating

The Internet has opened up a world of possibilities to many people and has effectively revolutionized the way the world works. We can look up anything we need to know in a few clicks of the mouse, chat to our friends without picking up the phone and book holidays at the drop of a hat. We can also meet people from all walks of life. As a result, online dating has become a huge industry that makes millions of pounds in this country alone every year. UK dating has changed thanks to the concept, and opened up a whole new world that a massive number of people can benefit from.
The Internet itself was created in the 1950s by the US government in response to Russia gaining the advantage in the Cold War but didn't actually become accessible to the public until the early 1980s, but gained its popularity in the 1990s. The Internet has had its critics, but it has to be said that it has revolutionized dating as we know it. No longer are the most popular romanticedy films about a guy and a girl meeting by coincidence. Now it is a guy and a girl meeting in cyber space, getting to know each other via a series of misunderstandings and eventually falling in love. When you look at the nature of it, and particularly how it has affected UK dating, it's easy to see why this makes a better film these days!
Online dating services started hitting the UK dating scene in the early 2000s. At first though, it barely made an impact. In fact, UK dating on the Internet earned itself a strangely negative reputation to begin with. It gained momentum as a forum for sad and/or weird people to find love. There is no apparent reason for this way of thinking, other than to say that perhaps the majority of people are sceptical about anything that marks a change from the very thing that they have been used to for so many years, and in this case it was UK dating.
However, as more and more people joined the various online dating websites, the popularity of the new trend grew. Although it took three or four years to catch on, when it did gain popularity there was no stopping it. Society began to recognise the value of being able to log on to an Internet site and view photo profiles of all of the eligible men and women out there, choosing the ones that the individual thought they may get along and find love with. In an era in which people rarely have little time to spare after taking care of their working lives and busy private lives, online dating seemed to offer something else. It seemed to offer a hassle free way of finding that special someone (not to sound too clichéd) without making the effort to get to know dozens of people who were not suitable in the process!
2005 saw online dating, and UK dating as a result, take a massive step forward when live chat was added to some of the websites so individuals looking for love could get to know each other a little better before actually arranging to meet. This helped increase the chances of successfully meeting someone further. Not only that, it also encouraged people who were looking for friendship orpanionship to log on too, thus giving it a whole new identity. No longer was it just a series of matchmaking services or UK singles clubs - it soon became a social hobby!
In effect, online dating is stronger than ever at the moment with new websites being added every month, each with a new slant on the UK dating world. This can only be good for those individuals using these services for whatever reason. Convenience has played a major part in the success of UK dating online, but it has also socially boosted individuals who may have otherwise not gone looking for love. People that are painfully shy may in fact find it easier to chat over the Internet than in person, for example.
Whatever the reason for individuals using this type of dating, the industry continues to go from strength to strength, and no doubt this will continue well into the future!

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